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Our mission at Team Misfit is to enable gyms everywhere to provide the best possible experience for their communities. We understand how much you, the coach and owner, love what you do and how hard you work every day to make your affiliate successful, so we decided to create a community with as many free tools as possible to help make that a reality. We also believe that the success or failure of a gym largely depends on the time and energy invested in its coaches and in the product you deliver, which is what motivated us to start this company. Our vision is a global community of coaches and owners who come to share ideas and best practices about a profession, not just a job.

Welcome to Team Misfit.

I found myself spending hours programming for my members instead of focusing that valuable time on growing my business. The programming is challenging… and provides athletes with progressive strength training to ensure constant improvement. The metabolic conditioning components are very innovative but remain true to CrossFit methodologies.

-Heather McCracken, Owner/Head Coach of CrossFit Islander

We have used Misfit affiliate programming for over a year at Vintage CrossFit. It’s great to receive a month of programming in advance because it allows us to hold training sessions for our coaching team to ensure we’re teaching movements in a consistent manner. Finally, it’s a nice bonus to have access to resources for our members who like to pursue extra education outside the box.

-Dennis Sukholutsky, Owner of Vintage CrossFit
We’re big proponents of Misfit Affiliate Programming because, at the simplest level, it’s objective and fun, which are vitally important characteristics for creating buy-in with a diverse membership. By using Misfit, we can outsource general programming to strength & conditioning experts while our coaching team focuses on individual development and building community.
-Slater Coe, Owner of Derby City CrossFit
If you’ve followed their blog in any capacity, you know they’re a bunch of programming wizards, and the Affiliate Programming delivers the same high quality programming in an hour time setting. Our athletes are getting stronger. My hours are freed up to work on the other things running a business requires while I let the programming be handled by the folks who know what they’re doing. Good for the athletes. Good for the gym. Good for the owners. It’s a win-win-win.
-Jeff Milton, Coach at CrossFit Northland

Our members love the structure of the programming and how it builds off of previous cycles. They also like the each of the workouts can be be accommodated for the competitive and non competitive athletes. All the workouts are scalable and our members have been seeing great progress.

-Noreen Henriquez, Coach at CrossFit Sworn

Coach Glassman said “the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.” Misfit does just that; they use the same methodology and movements that they use for their games athletes delivered at an appropriate level for our affiliate. It has helped keep the community together, and if our members trust us to offer the best information that we have; shouldn’t we invest in them by offering the best programming available?

-Nicholas Birdsall, Owner/Head Coach at CrossFit Acadia

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