Free 7-week Home Lifting Program

Coach Carol knows what’s up – it’s our 7-week home lifting program! We recognize that there are lots of athletes out there who either have, or have recently acquired a barbell to help stay strong at home until they can get back in the gym, but may not know how to execute a thoughtful strength program. That’s why we created this 7-week, 4 days/week program that covers your bases and includes squatting, pulling, pressing, and the olympic lifts, all only requiring a barbell and rack (or options if you don’t have a rack). If you’re a coach, we hope you share this with your athletes and provide them with any coaching feedback through video review, or a quick conversation!


About the Program

This program is 7 weeks long and includes a Test Week in Week 7. Each day includes a general warm up, a main lift, and a related accessory to compliment the lift.


Program Notes and Tips

Day 1: Back Squat – if athletes don’t have a rack, substitute front squats from the floor.
Day 2: Deadlift – each set should be challenging and heavier than the previous as the reps decrease. Each week, attempt to add weight to each set.
Day 3: Bench Press/Strict Press – if athletes do not have a bench they may perform Push Presses instead of bench presses.
Day 4: Power Snatch/Power Clean – these reps should be heavy, but perfect. We do not prescribe percentages, but as a general rule triples can be done in the 70-80% range, doubles in the 80-90% range, and singles in the 85%+ range.


There you have it. Now just click the link to download now!

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