Phase I is here! See what’s in store

A new training phase provides everyone with an opportunity to reset and establish some new goals for the short term. The beginning of a new training year, however, allows athletes and coaches to really evaluate where everyone is at and where they want to go, with each 7-week training phase allowing athletes to focus on micro goals that will eventually lead to macro success. Below is everything you need to know about Phase I!

Phase I – July 26th – September 11th

Phase Breakdown
  • Phase I: Phase I kicks off at the end of the month with the return of some heavy weightlifting and high skill pressing gymnastics. The conditioning test “Field of Screams” is sure to make everyone feel a little unfit and will be quite the “treat”.
  • High CNS Lift: Squat Clean. our lift-only day this phase will be follow up Baseline-2’s Power Clean positional skill work with some heavy squat cleans. One thing you’ll notice is that there are quite a few working sets (and slightly higher than usual rep schemes in the early weeks) with what are known as “wave” percentages. Athletes will do a set, add some weight and do another, repeat one more time, and then they’ll reduce weight back down a bit before climbing back up again. This works well for both experienced athletes and will be a hell of a CNS stimulus, while less experienced athletes have a lot of sets and reps to work on improving their mechanics in the lift itself. As the phase progresses, the waves will gradually reduce in reps and increase in intensity (loading). Spend a solid 15-20 minutes warming athletes up and mobilizing, address some brief positional work, and then allow 30-40 minutes for athletes to execute with 2-4 minutes of rest between sets.

  • Gymnastics: Pressing. Ring dips, Handstand push ups, ring push ups, regular push ups, etc. We’ll cover it all with the hopes that athletes will improve their pressing strength over the 7 weeks and show it off in their re-test of “The Grind Side”.
  • Skill Lift: Snatch. Varied positional and GPP work with the goal of maintaining overall proficiency in the lift.
  • Auxiliary/GPP Lifts: Heavy Lunges and Sandbag Squats for leg strength maintenance and stamina.
  • Competitor Extras: The Competitor Extra CrossFit test “Never Back Frown” should provide a good challenge for athletes regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. Athletes will also be back squatting heavy in higher rep ranges, gradually progressing to lower reps throughout the phase. Gymnastics work for these extra pieces will be centered around performing gymnastics under mind fatigue (e.g. after a short run, row, or bike).

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