Programming Update

We are very excited to announce some awesome changes to our affiliate programming beginning in November! After having spent multiple months testing this program at our own gym, we genuinely believe this is our best program for both athletes and coaches in our affiliate’s 10+ year history. Coaches have had sufficient time to coach and teach movements, and athletes are seeing regular PRs in both lifting and conditioning pieces while staying healthy. For existing Competitor subscribers, the program is going to be coach and time friendly and will still include your competitor extras. For existing GPP subscribers, you’ll get more for less – a varied, GPP program along with optional extra training pieces that can be provided to your clients who want extra training. For all existing subscribers, you will also get a 6th training day, and all of this will come with a new (lower) price tag! At only $124/month it’s a win-win-win-win-win-win-win for everyone. Read on to learn about what you can expect.

How to Execute

1-hour Class Programming

There will be 3 categories of training pieces: Strength/Skill, Conditioning, and Competitor Extra. 

The Strength/Skill and Conditioning training pieces are meant to be done in the standard 60 minute group class. Some days may have both a Strength/Skill piece and a Conditioning piece, while other days will have one or the other. 

The Competitor Extra is for athletes who want a little additional training to complement the class programming, but in a more structured manner instead of doing a random extra training piece found on social media. If your affiliate runs a 90 minute class, this third training piece will fit in with the other two pieces. If not, this extra works well for athletes to do on their own or during open gym.

How We Execute our Program

Our affiliate offers a handful of 60 minute classes and one 90 minute class each day. In our 60 minute classes we coach the Strength/Skill and the Conditioning (or if there’s only one, just the one piece). In our 90 minute class, we coach the Strength/Skill, Conditioning, and the Competitor Extra. With 90 minutes, we will sometimes mix up the order of the training pieces so that athletes aren’t going from one conditioning piece to the next when the Competitor Extra is additional conditioning. This is how we hope subscribers will also execute. 

The Program Structure


Similar to our individual programs, the Misfit Affiliate program will follow the same training phase structure as Misfit Athletics with a new training phase beginning every 7 weeks or so. At the beginning and end of each phase, there will be a select few training pieces that are tested in week 1 and then retested in week 7 so athletes can see their progress. 

Strength/Skill Work

Each Phase we will focus on a main barbell lift and a gymnastics element. The barbell lift will be a high CNS (central nervous system) demand lift such as a back squat, clean and jerk, snatch, deadlift, etc., and the gymnastics element will vary each phase. Your weekly strength work will look something like this (see below as to why these are numbered rather than labeled Mon-Sat).

  1. High CNS Lift Only*
  2. Gymnastics Strength
  3. Skill Lift (this will usually become the High CNS lift in the next Phase)
  4. GPP lift or Strength Accessory (dumbbell, kettlebells, carries, lunges, etc.)
  5. Auxiliary lift (that compliments the High CNS lift). 
  6. Conditioning only, but we usually sneak in a heavy movement that isn’t addressed in the rest of the “Strength” work. 

*Each week, you can expect one of your M-F classes to only consist of percentage work with the main barbell lift of the phase. For example, if the High CNS lift for the next phase is the Snatch, you can expect that in Week 1, one of your classes that week will only consist of “Find a 1RM Snatch”. Similarly, in weeks 2-6, one day per week will have only snatch work programmed. This is to allow coaches the time to really warm athletes up, get them mobilized, spend time on a barbell warm up, and then allow athletes to put some serious focus into one thing for 60 minutes with adequate rest between sets. These “lift only” days will also consist of a “Coach’s Choice Finisher”, where if there’s any time left in class the coach may come up with their own quick and easy class finisher, or use the one we program. 

Additionally, your Strength pieces will rotate each week. After experimenting with this for a while, we really like this style of programming because it enables coaches who only coach on certain days of the week to coach other movements, and therefore have more exposure to helping more athletes. For example, if Coach Sherb only coaches on Mondays, and every Monday is only Snatches, the coach is more likely to become repetitive and the athletes will be more likely to hear the same cues and corrections every week. If the lifting rotates, athletes will hear different perspectives and cues that will be more beneficial than the same one they hear every week. 

This rotating schedule also helps athletes whose lives and work schedules prevent them from coming in on certain days of the week by ensuring they aren’t missing out if they can never make it to the gym on Mondays, for example. 


The bread and butter of fitness – your conditioning pieces will still be the wickedly effective workouts you’re used to seeing. Depending on the week, you’ll see 1 or 2 pieces that line up with our Misfit Athletics individual programs, modified to be affiliate friendly in both difficulty and logistical requirements. We want the whole Misfit community, from Games athlete to scaled 5:30am affiliate athlete to do the same workout!

Competitor Extra

This piece is for athletes who want a little bit extra training outside of class, or for affiliates that have a 90 minute class option. This piece is meant to supplement the primary class work (Strength/Skill and Conditioning) and should not replace either of those other pieces. This extra piece will complement the 60 minute class work by hitting something that was missed. For example, on days where the Class program has a gymnastics strength/skill piece and a conditioning piece, the Competitor extra will usually be a barbell movement or strength work. On days where the only thing in class is the High CNS lift, the Competitor Extra will probably be a medium-long duration conditioning piece. On Thursday of each week, the Competitor Extra will be an active recovery piece. For affiliates who run 90 minute classes, this piece should absolutely be coached just like any other workout.


One small yet big addition to the program is a 6th training day. We realized that most of you (including us) are providing classes 6-7 days per week and want your programming to reflect it. Saturdays are typically longer and/or partner workouts, and will almost always only consist of a Conditioning piece. That said, we also try to sneak a heavy implement or barbell into these Saturday workouts so athletes are occasionally getting a heavy stimulus inside a longer conditioning piece. There will be a Competitor Extra provided on these days, but again is not meant to fit into the 60 minute class with the main conditioning piece.

We’re on board! Now what?

For subscribers via, we will be updating our Pricing page to have only a single program offering. We ask that you simply cancel your current subscription a day or two before your subscription is set to renew by going to Profile > My Subscription > Actions, and then subscribe to the new program. When November’s program is uploaded to the Get My Program page, we will still ensure that those who are still subscribed under the previous GPP and Competitor programs have access to the program as well. If you run into any issues, simply head to the Contact Us page and we’ll get your sorted. 

For SugarWOD subscribers, we ask that you do the same! Simply cancel your current subscription a few days before renewal and subscribe to Misfit Affiliate in the marketplace.

We’re incredibly excited to be improving the program for you all while reducing the price so that you can get back to doing what you signed up to do in the first place – help the members of your own communities through phenomenal coaching and great programming.


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