Being Late – Coach’s Letter to the Community

For some context, being late to anything is a huge pet peeve of mine. I’m a “if you’re not early, you’re late” sort of guy in most things. At the gym we’ve recently had members sneaking into classes a few minutes late which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t a huge deal. However, I felt compelled to address the topic with our community because I wanted everyone to understand WHY being on time to class is important, and how everyone’s experience gets impacted when members miss parts of class. I’m personally working on not letting it bother me when unavoidably get to class a couple minutes late, because I have to realize that the gym is just a small part of their day and I’d ALWAYS rather have them get to the gym a couple minutes late than skip it altogether. 



You guys are awesome. You all are super busy, work hard, have crazy lives outside the gym, and we recognize that some days just making it through the doors is a victory. After having coached/participated in almost every class we offer, I just want to reiterate how and why it’s important that you all do you best to make it to class on time.

Understand that part of our job as coaches is to set you up for success by ensuring you know what class is, what the warm up is, how class will flow, and then adequately warm you up for the work ahead. When this information gets missed, it detracts from both you and your peers’ experience, makes planning ahead (all of your coaches plan their classes ahead of time) challenging, and makes you more prone to injury, which no one wants.

We always want you coming to class. Coaches will always accommodate you and adjust on the fly to get you into class if you’re running a couple minutes late – it’s what we do and we know that some days it happens. If you are running late, try to take a look at the board and jump into the warm up or take a few minutes to warm yourself up – just don’t skip it. We just ask that you do your best to get to the gym a couple minutes ahead of your class so that when coach calls everyone to the board, you’re set up for success and everyone is getting the class experience they deserve. Thank you!



Written by Hunter Wood


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