Scaling the Handstand Push Up: 3 Pike Variations

pike handstand pushup
As a CrossFit coach, it’s important to have a range of exercises in your toolkit that can be scaled to suit different levels of ability. The pike handstand push up is a great example of an exercise that can be modified to suit a range of athletes, whether they’re at an advanced level or still developing their strength and skills.

In this video, Team Misfit HQ’s Hunter and Sherb demonstrate three different variations of the pike handstand push up: against the wall, using a box with knees, and using a box with feet. All three variations involve maintaining a tripod position with the head and hands, and ensuring that the hips are as close to over the shoulders as possible. This is similar to the position an athlete would be in if they were performing a handstand push up upside down.

It’s important to note that the pike handstand push up requires some flexibility in the posterior chain and hamstrings, so if an athlete is struggling to maintain the proper form, it may be worth working on their flexibility before tackling this exercise.

As a coach, it’s your job to ensure that your athletes are performing the pike handstand push up with proper form and technique. Pay close attention to their midline and make sure it’s nice and tight as they lower then press up. You may also need to adjust the difficulty of the exercise based on an athlete’s flexibility and strength levels.

The pike handstand push up is a valuable exercise for any CrossFit coach to have in their toolkit. It can be used to scale the handstand push up for athletes who aren’t yet ready for the full version, and it also offers a challenging workout for more advanced athletes. So why not give it a try in your next training session? Your athletes will love the opportunity to work on their handstand push up skills and improve their overall fitness.

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