Episode 3 – Good Gyms are Like Good Restaurants

Think about the best restaurant you’ve ever been to. It probably wasn’t a chain, you probably had to make a reservation, and it probably wasn’t cheap. But you didn’t go there because you wanted a quick meal – you wanted an experience, atmosphere, great service, and an delicious meal. So how did you hear about that restaurant? Odds are, it was word of mouth – a friend couldn’t stop talking about it, or you’d heard about the new restaurant in town from so many people you finally had to try it to see what the fuss was about.For the small business CrossFit gym, your best marketing tactic may still be the old reliable word of mouth, where creating an incredible experience for members leads to them voluntarily telling their friends how great of a place your gym is. Create the experience, make your members want to come back, and soon enough you’ll be the hottest restaurant in town.


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