30 Days of At Home Workouts

We’re excited to provide anyone and everyone a full 4 weeks of workouts that require very little or no equipment totally free. You’ll get a warm up, workouts, and then an extra accessory piece to round out the day. The workouts that do require equipment include a single or two dumbbells or a kettlebell, but can easily be modified.

To modify, we hope that coaches make themselves available to help their athletes achieve what they believe is the desired stimulus. While we include full descriptions with the stimulus and scaling options in our affiliate programming, this set of workouts is all about moving and breaking a sweat, so keep it simple and don’t overthink making a modification.

Lastly, we hope that you share this document and the workouts in any way you choose; social media, an email to your members, or by copying it into whatever gym software you use. If you enjoy the program and it helps you out through this challenging period, we also offer affiliate programming options for you to consider. Information and how to get 2 weeks for free can be found under the Programming tab.

Thank you to all the coaches and owners who are doing everything in their power to keep their communities training hard and staying tighter than ever. Remember, everything is easier when numbers are on your side. #StrengthInNumbers.

-Team Misfit

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