Phase III is here! Here’s what to expect

Another new training Phase kicks off Monday and will take us all the way through the holiday season. We’ve included a 12 Days of Christmas workout and some at-home options for the holiday weekends when your affiliates may be closed for the weekend.

After that it’s time for… Open prep?! Here’s what you have to look forward to over the next 7 training weeks!

Dates: November 15th – January 2nd

High CNS Lift: Squat Snatch! We’ve spent the last two training phases working on re-tooling athlete’s snatch, and now it’s time to get some weight on the bar in hopes of a new 1RM snatch at the end of the phase. This will be our “lift-only” day each week, but will have either optional accessory or optional conditioning for athletes who want a little more than just a lift.

Skill Lift: Back squat. Everyone’s favorite strength lift will show up weekly with the goal of refining everyone’s squat technique so that come Phase IV, we can get REAL strong before the Open. 

Gymnastics: Toes to Bar/Midline. We’ll be alternating weekly between toes to bar volume accumulation and midline strength work.

Auxiliary Lifts: Snatch pulls, snatch deadlifts, and power snatches to compliment the weekly squat snatch percentage work.

In-WOD lift: Front Squat: this Phase’s interval test is sure to challenge athletes ability to lift those moderate weights under fatigue.

Want to check out Phase III Test week?! Download it below!


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