Unlock Explosive Power with the Hovering Touch and Go Drill

Developing powerful, efficient touch and go (TNG) mechanics in the snatch, clean, and jerk is crucial for building strength in CrossFit athletes. However, many struggle with sloppy form, poor bar paths, and inconsistent balance performing touch and go Olympic lifts.

The hovering TNG drill is the secret to optimizing triple extension and fixing these common issues. By coaching athletes to pause 2-3 inches off the floor before each rep, proper positioning and tight bar paths are reinforced.

Why the Hovering Drill Works

Stopping just short of the floor with a controlled hover cues ideal start positions. Athletes learn to set their hips and balance over mid-foot while keeping the barbell close.

Forcing a hover between reps trains muscular coordination and timing. The body must fire reflexively from a dead stop to drive upward. This builds power.

Without hovering pauses, touch and go lifts often turn into inefficient bouncing. Lifters rely on stored elastic energy in the bar rather than true power production.

Coaching Cues for Success

Follow these coaching tips to maximize the benefits of hovering TNG drills:

  • Reset Feet Between Reps – On heavy lifts, have athletes reset their jump stance after each rep. This allows full power production. Keep feet static for lighter, higher rep sets.
  • Control Downward Motion – Athletes should lower the bar smoothly, maintaining mid-foot balance. Do not drop or crash down fast.
  • Find Proper Bar Path – Focus on vertical forearm angles and keeping elbows high. The barbell path should stay tight to the body.
  • Hover for 1-2 Seconds – Use a brief hover to feel centered balance without storing elastic energy by pausing too long.

Progress to Full Lifts

Start implementing hovering TNG drills during warm-ups or technique work. Eventually progress by performing a full explosive rep from the hover position.

As athletes develop consistency, they will be able to translate improved motor control and power to smoother, faster snatch and clean reps. Their increased triple extension abilities will boost PRs and performance.

The hovering touch and go drill is a highly effective method for developing flawless Olympic lift technique. The neuromuscular improvements will be seen across all aspects of CrossFit training.