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For more than a decade, we’ve specialized in CrossFit affiliate programming, fine-tuning our methods for our own gym and affiliates around the world. Over the years, we’ve experimented with and evaluated hundreds of programming approaches, searching for the perfect balance that engages and benefits both coaches and members. We’re proud to say that we’ve found that winning formula with Team Misfit’s Affiliate Program.

At Team Misfit, we’re dedicated to offering an outstanding class experience through world-class CrossFit affiliate programming and coaching. We’re excited to share a program with you that is the culmination of over a decade of experience, empowering you to focus on what makes your gym unique – your space, your coaches, and the unique culture that defines your community.

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2-3 training pieces per day

Daily warm-ups and mobility along with Strength/Skill work, Conditioning, and a Competitor Extra for athletes who want a little extra work

Coach Notes

Detailed notes including the desired stimulus of the workout, target scores, scaling options, and coaching progression videos

Programming 6 days/week

Structured yet varied programming built with the Misfit Variable Training System to ensure variance and continuous progression for all athletes

Specialty Classes

Free access to our On-Ramp program, weightlifting programs, and more, all part of your monthly subscription

Cancel Anytime

For less than the cost of a gym membership, you can have your entire programming taken care of by coaches who have done it for a decade, freeing up time for you to focus on your community. If you ever choose to cancel, you can do so any time with no penalty – just cancel before your subscription renews!


Over the years, CrossFit MF and Misfit Gym Portland have tested literally dozens of iterations of our own programs in search of the best blend of class experience and fitness. From rigid, periodized strength and conditioning programs to old school CrossFit GPP programming, we’ve run it all. After having experimented with a blend of everything mentioned above, we legitimately believe that the Misfit Affiliate program is our best affiliate program we’ve run in our 10+ years as affiliate coaches and owners.

Read on to learn exactly what you can expect from Misfit Affiliate

The Misfit Affiliate program follows a Phase structure with a new training phase beginning every 7 weeks or so, and includes a Test and Retest week at the beginning and end of the training phase. We program 6 days per week and include 2-3 training pieces per day.

Each Phase we will focus on a main barbell lift and gymnastics element and then additional strength work designed to complement each. Additional strength work includes a Skill Lift, GPP lifts and Auxiliary lifts designed to keep athletes sharp and keep them exposed to as many different styles of strength building as possible. Our gymnastics focus rotates every phase, but ensures athletes have a day dedicated to working on basic gymnastics skill and strength work.

The bread and butter of fitness. Of all the training pieces we write, we take arguably the most pride in our conditioning pieces which are insanely effective for both your firebreathers and average Joes when scaled appropriately. Our affiliate program uses the same Misfit Variable Training System we use for our high level competitors to ensure variance in movements, time domains, stimuli, and more, creating the most well rounded affiliate program available. 

Daily Competitor Extra pieces designed for athletes who want a little extra training after hammering the day’s class programming. These pieces are structured to fit alongside the Strength/Skill work and Conditioning and are meant to be done as the 3rd piece of a 90 minute class, or can be provided to athletes for open gym time. 

To learn more and get a more detailed understanding of everything above and more, head to our Program Methodology blog post


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