Monday Motivation: Ownership

To us, writing programming is fun. We love writing cool workouts and imagining how they’ll play out on the floor. We think about the scaling options, whether the workouts would work logistically in most facilities, and whether or not the coach realistically has enough time to adequately do what we’re recommending on a daily basis. We love the puzzle, and putting everything together in a manner that makes the most sense and is executable is a lot of fun. The downside for us is that’s as far as we can (and should) go.

We can only provide the program and some tools to help make it easier, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We could come up with the plan that takes you minute-by-minute through your class, bounding you by the clock and confining your creativity to a simple PDF with words and numbers. Instead, we’re in the business of providing you with an ever growing toolbox of unique and creative ways to own and dominate your class with an experience that is unparalleled by anyone else. We don’t want a legion of TMF affiliates who only look to us for instruction, we want a legion of TMF coaches who can decipher the intent and purpose behind the program, and take it and say “leave me alone, I got this.”

Taking ownership of your classes and the people who give an hour of their day to you is the ultimate goal. We want you to bring your class up to the whiteboard at the start of every class with the mindset of gratitude, humility, leadership, and trust. Gracious for the fact that these people are looking to you to help them improve their lives, humble to have the opportunity to work for them, and the mentality that these people are trusting you to be their health and wellness Sherpa.

For one hour at a time, own the floor. Own and take responsibility for the program you are teaching and the people you are teaching it to. We’re incredibly humbled to be trusted to provide your program, but it’s the people you interact with every day that should be humbling you.


-Hunter and Sherb


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