The Scaling Toolkit

We’re with you. At TMF HQ, we battle through the same logistical and class-size issues that you do on a daily basis. Especially now as sharing things like rowers, bikes, pull up bars, barbells, or other implements may not be safe or feasible for your communities, coaches have to put a little extra thought into how they’re going to safely and effectively execute the day’s program. On the flip side, our commitment when writing programming is to provide a well-rounded program that includes as much variance as possible within the structure of our overall programming template, so omitting things that could potentially cause logistical hassles isn’t an option in our mind. Part of our mission is to help coaches enhance their abilities, and thinking about the logistics and modifications that might be necessary is, quite bluntly, our job.

All of that being said, we also want to provide the tools to help improve your coaching ability, not just a sink or swim program. To help out, we created the Misfit Athletics Scaling Toolkit to provide modifications for common movements, as well as distance/calorie conversions for various machines and more mono-structural elements to help folks who may still be training at home, or for gyms who have fewer machines than they do athletes in a given class.

Remember, replicating the desired feel or stimulus of the workout as closely as possible is more important than mimicking the exact movement itself, so don’t let your athletes get wrapped up in the fact that they have to do sumo deadlift high pulls instead of pull ups, or have to run instead of bike or row. Our hope is that coaches can use this tool to help modify their gym’s programming, or pass it along to athletes who are training at home. Click below to download for free!

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