Phase IV is… Open Prep!

It’s Open Season! Phase IV will be dedicated to getting athletes of all ability levels ready for the Open, and your advanced athletes ready for Quarterfinals. While many athletes aren’t all that concerned about their placement on the worldwide leaderboard, coaches should be reminding athletes that the Open is an excellent opportunity to see just how far they’ve come from last year or previous years. Every Friday, we have programmed an old Open workout for athletes to re-test as a way to prep for this year, and serve as a look back at how their fitness has improved.


Back Squat

Everyone’s favorite lift, just in time to make sure athletes are just as confident with heavy weight as they are with their conditioning before the Open. We will be doing 5×5 every week, with the goal of adding a little bit of weight each week. For athletes who did not test their 5RM squat at the end of Phaser III, we have options for you on Day 1.


Split Jerk

Nothing is more tragic than when a weightlifting complex of some sort calls for an athlete to get a maximal loading overhead in the Open and their technique fails them. We’re looking to clean up athletes’ dip/drive as well as their footwork.


Muscle Ups and Handstand Walking

We will be alternating weeks between these two high skill movements to help athletes build confidence and proficiency, or set them up to get their first rep of either or both movements in the Open.


Thrusters and Overhead Squats

You know they’re coming, so we want athletes getting comfortable moving metcon-weight loads smoothly and efficiently in two movements we frequently see in the Open in hefty doses.


Snatch and Clean & Jerk

If you were with us last year, you’ll remember we did lots of Squat Clean/Split Jerk work under fatigue. This year we will be doing something similar, but will be including the snatch. Expect to see a combination of percentage based lifts within metcons as well as fixed weights designed to get athletes comfortable with the olympic lifts under fatigue.


Quarterfinal Prep

For athletes who are looking toward Quarterfinals to put their fitness on display, our Extra pieces will have tests and re-tests, along with weekly training pieces designed to get athletes ready for Quarterfinals shortly after the Open wraps up.

Want to hear more about Phase IV? Check out the Phase IV affiliate podcast HERE!

Enough chit chat, let’s get going.


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