Crossfit Affiliate Programming to Make Your Members Fitter

Phase 1 Starts August 14th

Attention CrossFit gym owners and coaches, welcome to a pivotal juncture in your training calendar – the 2023-2024 season. At Team Misfit, we’ve spent the past 16 weeks in our Crossfit affiliates on the foundational elements – from mastering the basics of pulling and pushing, to perfecting squats and deadlifts, and nurturing your athletes’ proficiency in running. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce Phase I, our 7-week training program, designed to catapult your gym’s training regimen to unprecedented heights.

Unpacking Phase I

Phase I is built on a “test and re-test” framework, with the squat clean as the central high CNS lift, supplemented with pull-ups and HSPUs as key gymnastic elements. A unique feature is the weekly GPP day, aiming to plug any gaps that may surface due to the intensive focus on a few select components. This approach ensures your athletes benefit from a comprehensive fitness experience that touches on various time domains, modalities, and stimuli.

High CNS Lift: Squat Clean

Our lift-focused day during this phase centers around the squat clean. A percentage-based session always concludes with an opportunity for athletes to build to a heavy single. Also, we’ve included a concise post-class accessory session to keep your athletes engaged.

GPP Lift: Rotates

With our rotating GPP Lift day, we ensure your training program is balanced and inclusive. This day gives us the chance to ask, “Which areas haven’t our athletes trained recently?” and formulate a training session to address these aspects.

Gymnastics/Skill Focus: Bar-pull and Handstand Push Ups

The term “Bar-pull” refers to pull-up bar movements. This phase’s routine incorporates Pull Ups, Chest to Bar, and Bar Muscle ups, along with a variety of handstand push-ups (strict, kipping, deficit, wall facing, etc.) to develop a diverse skill set.

Cardio Day: Rotates

Our rotating Cardio days are designed to offer variety in duration and intensity, giving your athletes the opportunity to refine their energy systems without the limitations of specific barbell or gymnastic movements.

Intensity Day: Classic CrossFit

Each week, we’ve allocated a day for “Classic CrossFit” – a single training piece, designed to be tackled with maximum intensity following a comprehensive warm-up and cool-down session. Remember, Intensity = results!

Competitor Extra: Front Squat

Our weekly GPP-style Front Squat session is crafted to complement the squat clean work being done throughout the phase. Additionally, we provide “Quarterfinal Skills” weekly for those athletes looking to enhance their QF performance next year.

Don’t miss our exciting Affiliate Games week later in Phase 1! We’re planning to adapt this years CrossFit Games workouts to give your athletes a taste of what it feels like to compete like the fittest on earth!

Ready to elevate your gym’s training offerings? Don’t hesitate – sign up today and integrate Team Misfit’s Phase I into your gym’s programming!