Open Phase 2022

Another CrossFit Open is upon us! With the unpredictable nature of the Open and Quarterfinals, the Open Phase for affiliate programming is our most varied phase of the season, ensuring athletes are prepared for anything that might get thrown their way. This means that there is no test/re-test week this Phase, as the Open and potentially Quarterfinal workouts will serve as tests in themselves! This also means that we do not have specific Lifting or Gymnastics foci during this 6-week phase, but instead will rotate all lifting and gymnastics into the program to maintain the varied nature of the Open season. Below you’ll find some more information on they layout of the next 6 weeks of affiliate programming!


High CNS Lift, Skill Lift, Gymnastics, and Auxiliary Lifting focus: Rotate

With 4 out of the 6 weeks of this phase consisting of the Open workouts and potentially Quarterfinal workouts for some, our focus is on ensuring athletes are prepared to do pretty well at everything rather than exceptionally good at only a few things. This means that instead of a structured progression with the goal of improving specific lifts or gymnastics components, each week we will rotate the High CNS lift, the gymnastics focus, and the skill lifts. For example, week 1’s High CNS day is Monday and consists of heavier clean and jerks. Week 2’s High CNS day is on Tuesday and has 3 heavy sets of Deadlifts. All lifts and skills rotate throughout the week in a similar fashion to ensure the most variance is achieved during a time of year when variance is the name of the game.


We will continue programming 6 days per week throughout the Open with a couple of caveats.

  • Thursdays are “Primer Days”: Primer Days will consist of a speed-based lift followed by a short, intense metcon that is designed to not leave athletes exceptionally sore or beat up for Friday’s Open workout. For athletes interested in peak performance during the Open, we actually recommend that they take Wednesday as a rest or active recovery day, and then perform the Primer Day on Thursday ahead of the Open workout on Friday.
  • Friday’s are the Open workout: once the Open workouts are released on Thursday, the Misfit HQ team gets to work writing warm ups, primers, and any tip videos we think would benefit athletes. We release those warm ups along with any adjustments to Saturday’s programming in the event that the Open workout duplicates movements that we already programmed. Subscribers will be able to see those changes in a PDF upload on, in SugarWOD, and as part of an email. We also publish warm ups and tip videos to our Instagram page @teammisfitgyms.


  • Open Phase: February 21st – Sunday April 2nd
  • Monday March 28th: 1RM Deadlift test day. In the next training Phase, the High CNS lift will be the Deadlift. The goal with the phase will be for athletes to pull today’s 1RM deadlift for a new 3RM at the end of the next phase.
  • Open Workouts: Friday February 25th, March 4th, and March 11th
  • Individual Quarterfinals: March 24-27th
  • Team Quarterfinals: April 7-10th
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