The Coach’s Podcast by Team Misfit Episode 1 – The Vibe

Welcome to The Coach’s Podcast.

If you don’t know, Team Misfit is built around the idea that coaches at CrossFit gyms have the potential to make incredible, positive impact on the members they have the privilege to coach. We not only want to provide you with the best affiliate programming out there, but the information and knowledge expected of a top tier coach. We don’t know everything, but truly believe we can help make a meaningful impact on coaches like us who are professionals in their craft. We’re really excited to be providing you with more coach’s content through both audio and video podcasts for you to use, share, and adapt for your members. Like, subscribe, and drop us comments for topics you’d like to hear in the future. Enjoy! For the audio-only version, click HERE!


Episode 1 – The Vibe

In the inaugural Team Misfit Coach’s Podcast episode, we talk about an intangible, immeasurable, but critically important factor in the success or failure of your gym: the Vibe. Call it what you will – culture, aura, air, whatever, it’s huge. More important than your program and more important than how many letters you have after your name, establishing and promoting the right vibe in your gym is the difference between new members walking through the door, and the same members sticking around for years.


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