Get your affiliate ready for Crossfit Hero WOD Murph!

Welcome to Murph Prep 2022! This program is designed to be a once-a-week for 4 weeks program that will prepare athletes who regularly attend affiliate classes for the volume and challenge of the hero workout Murph. Week 1 starts off with a low volume, partitioned version of Murph and progresses all the way up to an unpartitioned 3/4 Murph the weekend before Memorial Day. We include a Warm Up, training piece, cool down, mobility, and notes for all 4 days of prep so that athletes of all ability levels can scale themselves or with the help of a coach to prepare for the most appropriate version of Memorial Day Murph. Grab some friends and make sure you keep in mind what Memorial Day Murph is truly about – honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms and liberties we all so often take for granted.

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