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Misfit Affiliate
$124 / month
  • Programming to fit YOUR Gym!
    2-3 training pieces per day, 6 days per week.
  • Strength/Skill Work
    Focused strength and gymnastics work that changes every 7 weeks while still keeping variance from week to week.
  • Conditioning - The Misfit Variable Training System
    The bread and butter of fitness - our unique programming system not only ensures exposure to a variety of movements, times, and intensities, but also to specific stimuli, or workout “Feel”.
  • Competitor Extra
    For athletes who want extra training volume in a structured manner outside of class.
  • Test and Retest
    Lifts and conditioning pieces that are test and re-tested every 7 weeks for athletes to see their progress.
  • Warm Ups and Descriptions
    General warms each day, and scaling recommendations, target scores, and the stimulus for every training piece.
  • Specialty Classes
    Access to all of our specialty classes including the TMF on-ramp program and olympic lifting programs.
  • The Misfit Community
    Weekly workouts that line up with our Misfit Athletics Individual programs, modified for the affiliate level athlete and the group class structure.