Run the Crossfit Games, designed for your affiliate.

Give your members a fun training week with the chance to tackle some Crossfit Games events programmed for all fitness levels.

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Once a year after the CrossFit Games conclude, we take Games events and affilia-tize them, making them as close to appropriate as possible for affiliate athletes to challenge themselves with new implements, movements, and challenges they don’t always get the rest of the year.

We provide a general warm up, target times and suggested time caps, and coaches notes to use along with Rx, Intermediate, and Beginner versions of each event so that athletes can more easily self-scale ahead of class.


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At Team Misfit we are passionate about delivering the best experience to our members and helping you and your coaches do the same. With our programmed warm ups, thoughtfully designed programming phases and coaches notes and instructions Team Misfit takes the guess work out of running your classes.

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