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Summer Training:
Phase 1

April 29

Welcome to the 2024-2025 training year! Summer Phase 1 is our first training phase for the 24-25 season, and we’re excited to bring you some new workout styles and ideas that we have put together to keep your athletes engaged and continuing to progress and PR. We will start the training year by focusing on some foundational strength in both the deadlift and bench press as well as strict pull ups and vertical pressing.

Athletes and coaches can expect to see weekly running workouts which will include both traditional running intervals as well as CrossFit style workouts with a running bias. 

We took feedback from athletes, coaches, and you all and built a year-long plan that will provide both fun and challenging training for your members where they’ll be able to see progress throughout the year. Don’t forget, our members only Discord community gives you access to the coaches and programmers for questions, as well as other members of our Misfit affiliate community to share successes and challenges.

Crossfit Affiliate Program - Summer Phase 1

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What to expect: Summer Phase 1

Heavy day focus: Deadlift/Bench Press

On odd weeks, expect to see both deadlifting and bench pressing on the same day in a lift-only format. On other weeks, heavy deadlifts will be injected into CrossFit workouts, with the weekly bench press session falling on another day of the week.

Gymnastics Focus: Strict Pull Ups and Vertical Pressing

Each week will have a strict pull up and either strict HSPU or DB press in a session designed to improve bodyweight strength. The test in week 1 includes versions for all ability levels, which coaches can further personalize for athletes.

Cardio Day Focus: Running

During the warmer months (for us at least!), running will be the cardio focus. Our running test this year in a run-bias CrossFit style workout, and athletes can expect about half of their running work this phase to be structured similarly. Other weeks we will rely on traditional intervals or longer runs to improve cardio

What Else?

The above categories only account for 3 of the 6 training days we provide, so expect our other training days to follow a GPP approach where we ensure athletes get a mix of everything they need throughout the week: long, short, heavy, light, benchmarks, high skill, grunt work, and everything in between.

What you get with Misfit Affiliate Programming

Programming 6 Days Per Week

2-3 Training Pieces per Day

Competitor Extra Workouts

Coaches Notes

Scaling Options

Daily Warmups

Target Scores

Exclusive Community Access

what coaches are saying

It's been over a year since we joined TeamMisfit, and our members have been thoroughly enjoying the classes while learning many new things along the way. As a coach, I've found there's ample time to deliver the content effectively. The Coach Notes have proven to be incredibly helpful, and feedback is promptly addressed. The Engine program is also very popular. We're looking forward to more workouts with TeamMisfit
Coach Karsten
Crosspandables Gym
I’ve used most of the other affiliate programs out there and they all suffer from the same problems, they try to either do too much which means it’s hard to actually coach any movements in class or they try to reinvent the wheel and be ‘different’. I don’t want ‘different’ I want the CrossFit methodology and that’s what you guys deliver. Everything I read in the L1/L2 manual I get in your programming. I think many of the other companies should go back and read the source material.
Coach Tom
Crossfit Tunbridge Wells
Our members love the structure of the programming and how it builds off of previous phases. They also like how each of the workouts can be accommodated for the competitive and non-competitive athletes. All the workouts are scalable and our members have been seeing great progress.
Coach Laken
Crossfit Sworn


And if everything we’ve listed above still isn’t enough for you, we’ve got one more thing: Engine Class.

Our Engine Class is included in your subscription, and provides you 3 days per week of a cardio focused progression. During Summer Phase 1 one of those days will be focused specifically on Murph Prep

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