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Help your athletes back squat, muscle ups, and handstand walking with Team Misfit Phase 3!

Phase 3 of the ’23-24 training year is designed to build upon the foundational skills of your athletes with an emphasis on strength, particularly the Back Squat, and gymnastic capabilities in preparation for the Open. We’re providing the progressions and workouts necessary to help your athletes forge ahead in their fitness journey, complete with benchmarks to gauge improvement.

Why Phase 3 is a Game-Changer for Your Crossfit Affiliate:

Conserve Your Resources: Our ready-to-deliver programming allows you to devote more time to what you do best — coaching and fostering connections within your athlete community.

Enhance Athletic Performance: Crafted by seasoned CrossFit coaches, our programming is a proven catalyst for fitness enhancement across numerous CrossFit affiliates.

Back Squat Strength Series: Phase 3 introduces a back squat progression that begins with finding a 5RM and advances through weekly 5×5 sets, increasing weight each session to build formidable strength.

Gymnastics Skill Mastery: With a focus on Wall Walks and Muscle Ups, Phase 3 includes weekly sessions tailored to improve your athletes’ gymnastic skills, endurance, and confidence.

Dedicated Gymnastics Days: Allocate specific days for gymnastics, allowing athletes to practice skills without fatigue, under the watchful guidance of a coach, to perfect their form and learn new techniques.

Benchmark Workouts: Sprinkled throughout Phase 3 are benchmark workouts that not only offer a variety of challenges but also allow athletes to track and measure their progress over time.

Prepare your athletes for the intensity of the Open and help them achieve a new pinnacle of fitness with Phase 3.

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