Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes

What is it?

At TMF HQ, we offer more than just CrossFit classes. We provide classes including Boot Camp, Weightlifting, and Engine Specialty Classes 2-3 times per week as a way to provide members with more opportunities to get in the gym and improve their fitness through classes that interest them.

When you sign up for Misfit Affiliate programming, you get access to these specialty programs totally free so that you can provide multiple programs for your gym, written by the same guys you’ve come to trust for your programming. Head over to our Misfit Affiliate Programming page to learn more, or click below to get signed up and have immediate access to this month’s affiliate program and our specialty classes.


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What Programs Do I Get Access To?

  • CrossFit Class – On Ramp Program – NEW!
    • A 9-day on-ramp course designed to take beginners from no experience to class-ready by introducing them to the most important movements a beginner needs to know.
    • 8 days of Beginner workouts, with the 9th day being the transition class where the beginner takes regular class but under the guidance of their beginner coach.
    • Each day consists of the Movements, Workout, Goals for the Athlete, Coach’s Notes, and Talking Points for coaches to use to explain the methodology of CrossFit in simple terms
  • Olympic Weightlifting – 1RM OLY Meet Cycle
    • General and Specific Warm Ups, mobility, and accessory lifts
    • 6.5 training weeks including test and re-test days. Training days are focused around triples, doubles, and singles in both the full Snatch and Clean and Jerk at varying intensities.
    • Videos of drills, warm up movements, and mobilizations for quick review and understanding.
  • Olympic Weightlifting – Hang Progression Cycle
    • Thorough general and specific warm ups, percentage based lifts, and accessory lifts designed to build strength and reinforce sound positions to improve athletes’ technique and 1 rep max.
    • 5 training weeks, 2 days per week focusing on both the snatch and clean and jerk.
    • Re-test week for athletes to see the results of their hard work!
  • Engine – Cardio based class with running, rowing, and biking
    • Coming soon!

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