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Our programs are written for all types of gyms, regardless of clientele. We provide you with everything you need to run an effective class and get your members into the best shape possible. All of our programs are monthly subscriptions with no commitment. Check them out below!


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  • Blog
    Quick posts with helpful tips on all things coaching and affiliate related
  • Articles
    Though provoking content on improving affiliates and member experiences
  • Coach's Tools
    Downloadable tools such as Class Planning worksheets, Coach's Evaluation Templates, and more
  • Movement Templates
    Articles and downloadable programs for improving your athlete's capacity in basic, functional movements
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Misfit Affiliate
$124 / month
  • Programming to fit YOUR Gym!
    2-3 training pieces per day, 6 days per week.
  • Strength/Skill Work
    Focused strength and gymnastics work that changes every 7 weeks while still keeping variance from week to week.
  • Conditioning - The Misfit Variable Training System
    The bread and butter of fitness - our unique programming system not only ensures exposure to a variety of movements, times, and intensities, but also to specific stimuli, or workout “Feel”.
  • Competitor Extra
    For athletes who want extra training volume in a structured manner outside of class.
  • Test and Retest
    Lifts and conditioning pieces that are test and re-tested every 7 weeks for athletes to see their progress.
  • Warm Ups and Descriptions
    General warms each day, and scaling recommendations, target scores, and the stimulus for every training piece.
  • Specialty Classes
    Access to all of our specialty classes including the TMF on-ramp program and olympic lifting programs.
  • The Misfit Community
    Weekly workouts that line up with our Misfit Athletics Individual programs, modified for the affiliate level athlete and the group class structure.