Misfit Affiliate Programming

Misfit Affiliate Class Program

Why Misfit Affiliate Programming?

We’ve spent over a decade programming for our own affiliate, and over 6 years programming for affiliates around the world.

We’ve tinkered and tested literally hundreds of different programming styles and methodologies in an attempt to find the one that’s both fun and effective for both members and coaches alike, and really believe we’ve landed on that combination with Misfit Affiliate.

We believe in providing an incredible class experience through world class programming and coaching, and are incredibly excited to be providing you with the a program that is the culmination of over a decade of experience so you can get back to focusing on your gym, coaches, and the little things that make your affiliate what it is.

Welcome to Team Misfit.


Misfit Affiliate Class Programming Will Give You…

2-3 training pieces per day including a Strength/Skill piece, Conditioning, and a Competitor Extra


Descriptions with the Stimulus, workout Feel, target scores, scaling options, and coach’s notes with videos


6 days per week of programming, as we realize many of you (including us!) are providing classes 6 or 7 days per week

Want more details about exactly how we write our affiliate programming and how to execute it the way we intend? We get it – we like to know the ‘why’ too. Click below to learn more about our programming methodology.


We truly believe that Misfit Affiliate class programming can bring something special to your gym’s community like it has ours. With the ability to cancel anytime and at the price of less than a single membership, what have you got to lose? Join the Team Misfit community today and watch your coaches and athletes thrive.

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