Introduce your new members to Crossfit the right way with Team Misfit’s Beginners Program

One of the most important things you can do as an affiliate is offer a thorough, effective On-ramp or Beginner’s program so that new members can be integrated into your classes as seamlessly as possible. But what makes an effective Beginner’s program?

  • It has to be the right duration: too long and you lose the excitement, too short and new members can easily become overwhelmed when jumping into a faster-paced class too soon.
  • It covers the basics, and the fundamentals of more complex movements to be built on after the Beginner’s classes are over.
  • It covers more than just movements – it addresses athletes goals, the foundations for why the program works, the importance of “the other 23 hours” outside the gym, and more.

Our 9-session on-ramp program does all of this and more, providing not only a thorough class plan for all 9 sessions, but talking points to tie together the things they’re learning in class with their goals and their future at your affiliate. Put that together with Team Misfit Affiliate programming and you’re setting athletes up for success from day 1. The good news is that for a short time, we’re giving you our beginner’s program for free. Simply enter your email below, and enjoy the most well-rounded On Ramp program in the business.

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