Affiliate Games Week: Elite Workouts, Customized for Your Members

Are you a coach or gym owner looking to energize your affiliate programming and elevate your members’ experience? Look no further than Team Misfit’s Affiliate Games Week. This curated package delivers the thrill and challenge of the Crossfit Games right into your Crossfit affiliate. With workouts carefully modified for Rx, Intermediate, and beginner athletes, you’ll be offering an inclusive yet challenging week that your members will talk about for months. From meticulous self-scaling guidance to logistical ease of setup, we’ve thought of everything so you can focus on what you do best—coaching. Don’t just offer workouts; offer an experience that inspires community, achievement, and undeniable fun.

Why we think you'll love Affiliate Games Week

  • Plug-and-Play Workouts: Simplify your programming with workouts tailored for all levels—Rx, Intermediate, and beginners.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Exclusive themes and tips help keep your members fully engaged and invested in their fitness journey.
  • Self-Scaling Tools: Comprehensive guidance empowers your athletes to choose the right challenge, plus additional coach guidance to dial in the optimal challenge and enjoyment.
  • Easy Logistics: Workouts designed to minimize setup hassle, giving you more time to focus on coaching and member interaction.
  • Authentic Experience: Access to the original CrossFit Games broadcast links provides a unique touch, amplifying the excitement.
  • Community-Building: Foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition that strengthens your gym’s community.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Smart workout design ensures a challenging yet safe environment, so members can push limits responsibly.